We tech you a 4 step program that will show your sales team the why as well as how o follow each step to close more sales and increase business units as well as revenue that will push your business in rankings and customer service. We also train team member the importance of being the consultant that works with the customer base in their decision making part of the sales process.
  2. Marriage Counseling
    With 28 years of ministry experience. We can mentor and give quality counseling sessions for engaged couples preparing for marriage. Also counsel couples with marriage problems or that are still in the beginning of their marriage relationship. We understand the importance of a strong foundation for a solid and long lasting marriage. by Appointment only.
    With more than 20 years in speaking and teaching, I am available to come and give motivational talks on team building, customer service, Fact Finding, Product Research, Meeting Customer Expectations with clear understanding and best ways to assist them in investing in products and services that meet their desires and needs. By Appointment only.
  4. Ministry Engagements.
    I have been in full gospel ministry License and Ordained to preach and teach the gospel. I do revivals and conferences for ministries across the United States. We are available to travel around the world, for speaking engagements please contact me. by appointment only.
  5. Business Management
  6. Business Management